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Ice Hockey Jerseys 2018 - 2019

Maillots de hockey 2018 - 2019

11/03/2018 18:58:42 NHL - HOCKEY   1 Comments

The NHL championship has just started, for this new season brand Fanatics branded will be available at usc shop, official dealer.

With its official NHL license, Fanatics branded offers a wide range of items in the colors of your favorite teams with as a centerpiece the collection of jerseys "breakaway".

This parallel collection of Adidas jerseys (equipment supplier for the NHL) is also under official license and is directly inspired by the jerseys worn by the players on the ice.

To be closer to the expectations of fans, special care has been given to the quality of the fabric (fantex) and the logo on the front of the jersey that can fold to be easy to store that either in a drawer or a suitcase (fanflex).

Price, Fleury, Kane ... who will succeed Ovechkin? Make your choice and wear your colors!

Find our selection of NHL jerseys in this department.


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      Jul 8, 2019

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