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The NFL jerseys vintage version

Les maillots NFL version vintage

03/13/2019 12:53:12 NFL - FOOT US   0 Comments

Did you know American football in the 90s? Remember that time when the 49ers and Cowboys had their hand

on the championship and where he had to watch late to see Jerry Rice, Deion Sanders, Jackson Bo, Emmitt Smith and other superstars of the NFL.

Today with the internet the American football has become easier to access and more popular but it remains that it is these players who are

at the origin of the media coverage of this sport in Europe.

How to forget the Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith races, the Montana and Favre passes, the Rice and Moss receptions?

Relive all this with our selection of NFL Classics Throwbacks Mitchell & Ness jerseys!

From Deion "prime time" Sanders to Jerome Bettis "the bus" via Walter Payton "the sweatness", find the best players of the time

all members of the Hall Of Fame.

You will also find players of the early 2000s, also emblematic members of their teams. Beyond nostalgia, USC-SHOP

offers you through this selection of NFL jerseys, to have the "base" that a real fan must have in his collection.

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